Trick or Treating: Coming to a Parking Lot Near You

October 25, 2008
Here, sweetie, let me give you a nice candy, and maybe some DEATH!
Here, sweetie, let me give you a nice candy, and maybe, oh I don’t know… some DEATH?



Blogfighter Renee:  A timely post if nothing else, done by us, your concerned citizen Blogfighters.  There is a definite slant to this editorial post.  It’s easy to tell what side we’re taking with this, but as in any arguement, there is another side and we recognize this, and respect this and invite you to join in the discussion.  You’ll find this a friendly place. While this might not be happening everywhere, it most certainly is evident here in the Midwest where we are located.  Oh my heavens, Blogfight, get to it already…

We are referring to the systematic smoothing of the formerly jagged and edgy Halloween.  What was once a nationwide spit-in-the-face of stranger danger! YES!  Sugary coated chocolate laden!  People I don’t know!  Dark!  Kids on the loose!  Traffic?  What?  You  made it yourself?  It’s unwrapped?  WHO CARES! OMG Candy!!!  free-for-all, is turning into something entirely different.  Halloween has become a watery,  regulated, shuffled and messed with affair lately.  For example, in my own town, Trick-Or-Treat night (or Beggar’s Night as it’s sometimes referred) has never been on the actual evening of Halloween.  I’m not sure why, disassociation?  

Along those lines, we notice what some might see as fear mongering.  The emphasis is Avoiding Danger and sequestering children in the name of safety.  More and more churches in particular are inviting their worshipers and families to something called “Trick-Or-Trunk Nights” that are promoted as “A Safe and Fun (and safe) Alternative to  (the incredibly dangerous, and not to mention sinful) Trick-Or-Treating (which Jesus hates, by the way, and ps: it will KILL your children) !  Everyone Welcome!   These events are held in the church parking lot, and are done tailgate-style where everyone can wander (safely) around collecting candy and socializing with like minded parishoners.  Don’t dress as the devil, kids!

Heck, this year with daylight savings pushed back, almost the entire duration of Trick-Or-Treating will be in broad daylight. 

Isn’t this getting carried away?  Has anyone really had a bad experience with Trick-Or-Treat?  Not someone’s Aunt’s neighbor, but YOU.  Personally.  We’ve heard the rumors out there, the urban legends of razors in apples, and LSD laced Snickers, but none of that appears to have actually happened to the best of what we can find out.

We are prepared to stand corrected, slap helmets on our current and future children if they happen along, and brick everyone indoors forever – just let us know what you think.  Is this holiday a throwaway, and doomed to disappear in the near future?  Aren’t you sad about what seems to be happening?  Or, is it bittersweet and overall, positive?    

Vote Now.  Polls close 30 days from entry.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, happy Halloween from Blogfight.


20th Commenter Contest

October 24, 2008

Hi again from your blogfighters.  We have come to another 20th comment, and then some.  What?  You don’t know?  Comments are always appreciated and if you check the sidebar, you’ll see information about the 20th comment giveaway.  For every 20 comments, one of those people will be selected to receive a goodie bag, or box that is.  Please check back to see the winner announcement, and comment NOW to get in on the next one which will be coming up soon.  More blogfights going up shortly too!

Paper Towels = Napkins. Toilet Paper = Tissues. $7 saved.

September 25, 2008

this bag can be easily transformed into a infant-safe sleeper with a few easy snips!

For you budget conscious: this bag can be easily transformed into a infant-safe sleeper with a few easy snips!




Moderator Katie:  Though this might be the “Land of Plenty”, lately most of us are finding it plenty hard to afford anything.  This Blogfight, submitted by the gummy Chicklet and Trident from “somewhere in the Midwest”, is a reality check.  Trident pays the bills, Chicklet does the shopping and the results are not, shall we say, minty fresh?  Thanks. I’m here all week, folks.  Read on…


Trident writes:  My wife Chicklet and I have two young boys.  Chicklet stays at home and I make a salary that is probably average for this area of the Midwest.   Like most people, we have a hard time making ends meet each month, so I budget.  I’ve allotted $100 per week for groceries.  This includes things bought at your typical grocery store, and also at places like Target, Sam’s Club, etc.  Chicklet seems to think this is not only unreasonable, but impossible.  I disagree, and even go so far as to say that I don’t think you have to be that creative to meet this number.  But, I’m up for hearing if people think this is unreasonable or unrealistic. 


Chicklet writes:  What he’s not saying is that $100 includes things like prescriptions, diapers, wipes, alcohol (my God people, do you know how much I need to drink being married to Budget Man over here?), over-the-counter-medicines, etc.  It’s not like I’m just buying Jell-O in bulk.  Most people, I think, spend double what we do.  I am sooo not wrong here.  So, sure Trident, we can meet that budget as long as we eat toast and lima beans every night and potty train the 7 month-old.  No problem. 

Moderator Katie:  Hey now.  Let’s remember the vows.   While, we don’t know specific areas or incomes, I think we can agree that we have the basics for a “yes you can” or “no way” opinion here so please VOTE NOW.   Polls close 30 days from posting.

Sharing’s kid stuff – don’t steal my sitter!

September 23, 2008
Timmy, we can't play together anymore...

Timmy, we can't play together anymore. It's not you - it's your Mom. She didn't follow proper channels.

Moderator Renee:  So those of you with kids and no relatives in the immediate area know how difficult  finding a good sitter can be.  Once you find someone you like, you then have to deal with their availability.  What do you do when you have a friend who needs a sitter?  Do you share yours openly and hope you don’t both book for the same event, at the same time?  Do you share with limitations?  This Blogfight addresses the subject of sharing a sitter, and what if anything constitutes “sitter-stealing”.
Parker writes:  I’m sure I’m going to sound crazy here, but I really don’t know how to feel in my situation.  In a nutshell, I use this girl as my babysitter on occasion.  She’s my only sitter and I have no relatives in town.  I also have a friend who recently had a baby and had an appt she needed to go to.  I gave her my sitter’s name and number and she used this girl as well.  Once.  Flash forward to last weekend when my friend and I wanted to go out with our husbands, all together.  My friend called MY SITTER and booked her first, leaving me in a lurch to find someone else.  I had to start from square one and find someone new.  I’m not really mad about it (or else we wouldn’t seriously be hashing this out on Blogfight) but I did feel a pang of, well, WTF?!  I just wished she would have asked me if I was going to use her.  This weekend aside, I have to say that I wish she’d do me that courtesy of checking with me first anytime she plans to call this girl.  I found her first, after all and had been using her services for years.  I didn’t really think my friend was going to use my sitter as her main sitter too – especially if we’re doing something together.   What do your readers think?
Gloria writes:  Ok this is fun, Blogfight.  Here goes:  So I’m the sitter thief??   Seriously??  Sorry Parker but you’re wrong on this one.  I think of this girl as a business and if she wants to take my money, I’ll gladly pay her.  I totally appreciate you giving me her name and number, but you didn’t specify you’d have to be contacted every time I needed her.  I am making arrangements to find other people to babysit, and we’re totally cool on the friendship thing, but like you I’m curious to see if other people think this way.  You don’t own this girl, and I didn’t know you had proprietary rights to her.  Forever.   
Moderator Renee:  Vote now!  “Sitter-stealer”, or “kind-of-creepy-possessive-sitter-clutcher”.  Who’s right?  Polls close 30 days from posting.

For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow!

August 29, 2008

MODERATOR RENEE:  A quick CONGRATULATIONS to our first randomly selected comment winner in our promotion (see sidebar) to gain more readership and encourage people to vote and send their debates to us over here at Blogfight.  Jenn came to us from ICLW, and for her efforts, she’ll receive some organic skin care goodies. 

So let that be a lesson to you all to get involved, send your friends over here and win something for yourself.  We’ll keep this promotion going indefinitely.  If you send us a fight, you’re entered into the next drawing automatically too!

Ripped From Today’s Headlines!

August 23, 2008
Which Way Does Your House Lean?

Which Way Does Your House Lean?



Moderator Katie:  Look at us!  We’re posting fools over here.  And what’s more, we’re topical.  GET THAT PEOPLE – IT’S NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES OVER HERE!! This entry concerns…politics: 

The upcoming Presidential race is expected to be the most exciting and emotional one yet.  People that never expressed themselves politically before are finding themselves speaking out, but there are consequences in doing that as is illustrated in this Blogfight submitted by Penny and James from a formerly quiet suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

Penny writes: Blogfight, Please help me settle a debate my husband and I are having over a political yard sign that is currently sitting on our treelawn.  We live in a quiet neighborhood and are friendly with pretty much everyone on our street.  While our area is known for leaning strongly to one side politically, we don’t lean that way.  We’ve now effectively announced it to the neighborhood and we’re getting some negative results.  We’ve had one old man stop his car in front of our house to explain, not so calmly, that we are incorrect in backing our candidate.  We’ve had a neighbor, who’s parents were in town, request that we remove the sign so that it wouldn’t offend their visiting relatives, and another neighbor is giving us the cold shoulder, blatently.  I feel that really, the sign doesn’t make as much of a statement as our vote does and that we should probably just remove it in order to live peacefully in our neighborhood, passive as that is.  My husband feels the opposite way and is willing to make enemies in our community rather than remove the sign.  He feels like it would be backing down and isn’t willing to do that.  What do your readers think?

James writes:  I pretty much agree with how Pen put it except that I’m not trying to make enemies, but I feel it’s absolutely riduculous to bow down to people that can’t get past our political beliefs no matter how close to us they live.  I’d rather not associate with them if that’s how they choose to act.  No, I don’t think a sign is going to change anyone’s belief over to our side, but I do think it serves a purpose in sending a “get out there and vote” message to those who see it.  There aren’t many Democrats around these parts and our sign might make some people more brave to swim against our neighborhood’s current.  I’m all about peace in my neighborhood. My sign isn’t an act of aggression – it’s a sign.  I’m willing to let Blogfight in on this and will strongly consider what the people think.  It’s American to vote, after all, and I’m willing to go with the majority rule on this one.

Moderator Katie:  Wow – we feel so important now.  So let us at Blogfight donn our white wigs and wait for you, the jury, to weigh in on whether the sign stays or gets pulled. 

VOTE NOW! And check back for the results and for more Blogfights!  Voting ends 30 days from post date.

Is It Live, Or Is It…Good?

August 22, 2008

MODERATOR RENEE:  OK so we’re back from a much needed vacation after our fifth post.  Yay 5!   About 15 days into our “Five Posts Holiday Extravaganza” we were informed (over cocktails) that people weren’t likely to be hooked on us at this point.  Why? We are! And that they wouldn’t be checking in regularly yet all on their own especially if there were no new posts being posted.  Why?  We would!  And that we were jackasses.  Why?  Yes!  Probably.  At about the 20th day into holiday, the vodka ran out so we’re back.  Actually we knew the site needed some tweaking and we just wanted to work on it a little more and polish it up, as they say.  Plus the vodka ran out.  So how can we help you help yourselves?  Right.  A new fight.  Read on and see if you agree with a potential sterotype in the making…

Golly, we just ADORE Wham's Death Metal Version of Careless Whisper!

Yay!! This better get me dinner after.

 John K. from Chicago writes:  I was reading some magazine (Esquire, I think) and a woman wrote in about seeing rock concerts.  She made a sweeping claim that the majority of women aren’t into live music (as in, they wouldn’t buy a cd of a live concert).  AND…if they’re at a concert and the band messes with their hit song  (for instance, plays it reggae-style when it’s not played that way on the radio), WOMEN in particular get spectacularly PISSED OFF about it. 

So it got me interested to see if this sweeping claim had any truth to it.  I’ve conducted two informal surveys – first, my sister May who said “NOT TRUE” to both claims (she can be reactive though, sorry May), BUT the ladies at work (both of them) say “OMG!!!  SO TOTALLY TRUE”!!  As a man, I’m confused and naturally want to think along whatever lines result in me getting more sex.

So I’m turning it over to blogfight.  If I have a ladyperson over, what do I throw in the cd player?  In summary, do women like a “produced” sound over live?   And, while they might dig a concert experience, do they hate their favorite music being messed with by the band, or do they appreciate a different twist on it? 

MODERATOR RENEE:  Let’s get real here.  Search your souls, ladies.  And mens – you can search your lady’s soul (careful – it tickles) and vote whatever she thinks here.  The fate of the music industry is, well, not really going to be affected.  At all.   But we’re curious.  By the way we have to admit John, Katie and I both own NO live music recordings, and we HATE when bands experiment with our favorite song.  We put our lighters right away when they do that stuff.  Egads!  We’re (gulp) predictable!  Pass the vodka.

VOTE NOW.  Polls close in 30 days.  Check back to see the winner and for new blogfights!!

Corn Poop

July 29, 2008

Sweet, Buttery Debatable Goodness, Whenever You Choose to Eat It

Moderator Katie:  Summer’s in full swing, and it’s time for the straight poop on corn.  Might I add that the following BlogFight is PERFECTION because not only is it making me hungry, it’s just what we’re looking for here at BlogFight.  While fights of a serious nature are welcomed, it doesn’t always have to be so heavy, man.  A nice, fluffy light and buttery debate is sometimes just the blogter ordered.  Read on…

Paul from CA writes on behalf of his friend Robin.  He sums the issue up by writing, “When Robin eats corn-on-the-cob, she waits until AFTER the meal to do it, while I consider it a true side item and bring it on board during the meal.  She says it’s “normal” to do it her way.  I don’t agree and want the opinion of the proverbial “they” on this issue.

Moderator Katie: So what is it, They?  Vote Now for the winner and I’m sure we’ll all find the results a-MAIZE-ing (somebody stop me!).  Polls are open for 30 days after the post.  Check back to see new fights and the winner of this one!


Vote, Comment and WIN on Blogfight!

July 29, 2008

Moderator Katie Says:  In an effort to dramatically increase readership here at Blogfight, there will be an ongoing contest.  You enter by commenting and voting AND you enter by submitting fights to us at  Every 20th comment will kick off a random selection of a winner (from those 20 commenters) until we run out of stuff.  You will be contacted by Blogfight if you’re a winner.  

What’s up for grabs?  Good stuff for hair and skin mainly.  We’re connected with the natural products industry  and we’ve got some organic products from here and here oh,andhere to give away.   We’ve got some other things too.  So get to reading and vote!

In Stankness and in Health…

July 28, 2008


Erika from Sunrise, CA writes, “My fiance is a great guy, very polite and considerate and all kinds of good catch material.  The issue is his eating of the garlic.  He loves garlic and when he cooks (yes, he cooks REALLY well!) he puts it in everything – at least it seems like it!  I don’t get to eat with him all the time as we don’t live together yet so I’m forever dealing with the garlic breath issue.  In his defense, he doesn’t always know when we will be seeing each other and I often just pop in unexpectedly so he can’t really plan NOT to eat it all the time, but sometimes he can.  And he doesn’t.  Do I have a right to tell him not to eat it?”

Chris Responds, “I am Italian and so garlicky food kinda goes with the territory here.  I say we’re going to be married and we’ll probably both be eating the same things every night so it will be a non-issue soon enough. But for now, maybe can you let me eat what I want?  If it really REALLY is THAT bad (I don’t think it’s that bad. I brush my teeth after I eat) I will try to cut down, but…really?  I’m totally writing in something about her getting ready too long or something.  Soon. ”